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Up and Coming Hip Neighborhoods in Miami - The Future of Real Estate

* Coconut Grove * Little Havana * Upper East Side * Over the years Miami has become a hub of excitement, growth, and vitality - a city of dreams. What was once a sleepy residential town (other than the Miami Beach hot spot) that had supplanted fruit orchards rapidly became an eclectic grouping of bustling neighborhoods each with their own personalities and appeal to real estate investors, residents, and visitors alike. When looking for best places to invest in real estate there is no market quite like Miami. This is especially true of investors interested in real estate rentals and the increasing demand for rental apartments in the popular areas of Coconut Grove, Little Havana and Miami’s hottest new area, the Upper East Side. The Miami Real Estate market is the fourth most valuable in the country and these up and coming areas will show you why you should be investing in one of the best markets in real estate development in the country and perhaps in the world.

COCONUT GROVE “The Grove”, as it is affectionately known by residents, is a long-time Miami real estate favorite with a mix of high end condos and single family homes. It is perhaps Miami’s most complete and walkable neighborhood with parks right on the water, marinas, restaurants, shopping, a weekly farmer’s market, office space, hotels, good schools and public services. But almost miraculously for those wishing to invest in Florida real estate, there are still areas of opportunity where infill projects providing middle class rental housing can profitably fill a desperate niche need that is currently barely being addressed in this very popular area. This is why Miami-based developer Metronomic has chosen this ripe for redevelopment area as one of its main focuses for its Miami real estate investments funded through MetroCapital Fund, an equity crowdfunding real estate investment platform exclusive to Metronomic. LITTLE HAVANA The heart of the vibrant Cuban community in Miami, Little Havana has gone from being a quiet immigrant enclave to a high octane tourist and residential attraction. Its proximity to administrative center downtown and financial center Brickell but lower density of housing has made it attractive to residents who appreciate that it is one of the few areas with access to public transit and where there are restaurants, specialty ice cream and donut shops, supermarkets, an arthouse movie theater in a refurbished historic building, art galleries and artist studios, the Spanish-language Walk of Fame, and cigar shops crowding into a few blocks of the iconic Calle Ocho. Put that together with a diverse community of residents of all ages, throw in a few lively street festivals per year and you have a unique neighborhood that more and more residents and investors are gravitating to. Reading this you may think you’ve missed your chance to be a part of this exciting real estate investing opportunity in this unique Miami neighborhood, but with MetroCapital Fund you too can benefit from Metronomic’s prescient forecasting on this area and still get in on available open investments. Metronomic is currently building rental student housing in the center of Little Havana. Student housing is in extremely high demand in Miami. Miami’s international appeal, unique geographical position and cultural milieu has made it an education and research hub, resulting in the creation of institutions like Florida International University with 55,000 students, the University of Miami with over 17,000 students and the largest college in the USA, Miami-Dade College, which enrolls over 92,000 students. All of these schools are within easy reach of Metronomic’s network of student housing in Little Havana. UPPER EAST SIDE Miami’s Upper East Side is known for its Miami modern architecture along Biscayne Boulevard, mid-century hotels and characterized by playful, often extravagant design. Stylish die walk cafes draw families and couples and indie stores sell fashion and home decor. Miami Ironside is a striking retail and design complex with showrooms, galleries and eateries set around shady plazas. With its easy access to other shopping, relaxation and entertainment hubs in Miami, the Upper East Side is a failsafe investment area for middle-income rental housing and Metronomic is at the forefront of such infill projects meeting a demand that seems to know no end. WHY INVEST in rental real estate rental projects in these hip and trendy Miami neighborhoods? Two thirds of Miami residents rent, a rental rate rivaling that of New York City. This is partially due to the high cost of housing, even inland, relative to local wages, the Strong ROI for Landlords, and the fact that Miami is a Landlord friendly Florida real estate market. Investing in the Miami real estate market through transparent, efficient crowdfunding website MetroCapital Fund is one of the best ways to make money in real estate and invest in real estate online. The high demand for properties in southeastern Florida relative to demand limits the ability of people to buy, creating a large pool of renters. Miami ranked second in the nation for the most cost-burdened renters in the country, paying more than half of their income in rent. This exposes the demand for mid-income rental housing to support a growing market which the current offerings at MetroCapital Fund are prepared to meet. WHY INVEST in the Miami real estate rental market through crowdfunding?MetroCapital Fund gives investors from around the world the opportunity to invest in the Miami real estate market from wherever they are with a potential for high rate of returns on their investments. With a low minimum investment of $50,000, this crowdfunding real estate investing platform, investors can get in on the ground floor of projects in hip and trendy Miami neighborhoods with a high-demand for middle-income rental housing such as Coconut Grove, Little Havana and Miami’s Upper East Side. Crowdfunding works by aggregating many investors’ money while still giving them the freedom to choose which projects they wish to invest in. With MetroCapital Fund, any accredited investors from the newly interested to seasoned pros can take advantage of the consistently sunny Miami real estate forecast.


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